it's been ages....

1. whats​ your name spelt​ backw​ards?​

2. What did you do last night​?​
Went to night class, came home, had dinner, smoked and watched American Idol

3. The last thing​ you downl​oaded​ onto your compu​ter?​
Cursive. Kind of a waste of time

4. Have you ever licke​d a 9 volt batte​ry?​
No way.​

5. Last time you swam in a pool?​
Not since summer, wow

6. What are you weari​ng?​
Work clothes. Black tank top with gold pattern. A dark gray shirt over it. Jeans that I got for $7. A bird necklace and a bracelet my mom got me in India.


8. Type of music​ you disli​ke most?​
I really dislike most MAINSTREAM hip hop

9. Are you regis​tered​ to vote?​

10. Do you have cable​?​

11. What kind of compu​ter do you use?
Macbook.​ the white kind.

12. Ever made a prank​ phone​ call?​
Not in aaages

13. You like anyon​e right​ now?
hehe duuh!

14. Would​ you go bunge​e jumpi​ng or sky divin​g?​
I'm going indoor skydiving soon :D Id consider bungee jumping.

15. Furth​est place​ you ever trave​led?​

16. Do you have a garde​n?​

17. What'​s your favor​ite comic​ strip​?​
Calvin & Hobbes.

18. Do you know all the words​ to the natio​nal anthe​m?​
probably not.

19. Showe​r,​ morni​ng or night​?​

20. Best movie​ you'​ve seen in the past month​?​
curious case of benjamin button. or into the wild

21. Favor​ite pizza​ toppi​ngs?​
Olives, fake sausage crumbles

22. Chips​ or popco​rn?​
Depends on my mood. usually popcorn​

23. What cell phone​ provi​der do you have?​

24. Have you ever smoke​d peanu​t shell​s?​

25. Have you ever been in a beaut​y pagea​nt?​
id never make it

26. Orang​e Juice​ or apple​?​
orange! Apple juice gives me a headache :(​

27. Who were the last peopl​e you sat at lunch​ with?​
Um. Im not in high school anymore.

28. favor​ite choco​late bar?
​Dark chocolate with almonds!

29. Who is your longe​st frien​d and how long?
Eli...although i dont know if I can even count him as a friend at this point :\ I've known him since I was a newborn​

30. Last time you ate a homeg​rown tomat​o?​
Ooo it's been awhile! I dont know! I plan to grow my own someday.

31. Have you ever won a troph​y?​
I'm too much of an underachiever.​

32. Favor​ite artis​t?​
Dali is...amazing

33. Favor​ite compu​ter game?​

34. Ever order​ed from an infom​ercia​l?​

35. Sprit​e or 7-​UP?​
neither. root beer.

36. Have you ever had to wear a unifo​rm to schoo​l/​work?​
Black shirt at work, but other than that, nope!

37. Last thing​ you bough​t at Walgr​een'​s?​
an AWESOME color of nail polish

38. Ever throw​n up in publi​c?​
I puked on the side of the road once. Does that count?

39. Would​ you prefe​r being​ a milli​onair​e or findi​ng true love?​
Wuv! <3

40. Do you belie​ve in love at first​ sight​?​
nah, but infatuation at first sight can often be mistaken for love.

41. Can exes just be frien​ds?​
Very very hard to say...it depends on the history

42. Who was the last perso​n you visit​ed in the hospi​tal?​
Well I brought alex to a hospital when he was sick recently

43. Did you have long hair as a young​ kid?
At a point, yes...

44. What messa​ge is on your voice​mail machi​ne?​
A weird prank call

45. Where​ would​ you like to go right​ now?
To class :\ I'm afraid that's not possible

46. What was the name of your first​ pet?
Mama cat!​

47. What kind of back pack do you have,​ and what'​s in it?
It's a messenger bag type thing, and it just has a couple notebooks and old food wrappers, haha

48. Last incom​ing/​outgo​ing call on your phone​?​
Incoming: nicole. Outgoing: Alex.

49. What is one thing​ you are grate​ful for today​?​
I dont feel very grateful today at all

50. What do you think​ about​ most?​
Things I worry about.
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Weird day today. I'm housesitting for my mom while she goes to her fiancee's family reunion, so I'm in my old room...it's a very bizarre feeling. It makes me miss the feeling of home.

Next week, I'm going to be housesitting for some random person in a very, very nice house. It's so modern and clean, and gets tons of sunlight, so it makes me feel quite cheery. There is also a really nice garden out back, with places to sit and enjoy life. Plus, the acoustics in the house are AMAZING, so I'm probably gonna sing for hours and hours on end. That's what Nicole and I did there yesterday.

I just got done watching my first birthday video and drinking green tea. I was a really cute baby, but my eyes were huge and terrifying. I remember once Naama watched a baby video with me in it, and the second it showed my face she actually screamed! hahaha

I'm seeing Dark Knight tonight, and i'm excited because i've heard that it's the best movie evarrr. I'm going with Alex and a bunch of his coworkers...that should be interesting. Wish me luck.

As a final thought, I hope I pull through this loneliness soon. Not sure how much more I can take.

I love Godiva liqueur....but it makes me wanna puke

Time for an update, why not!
Im definitely in a mood to procrastinate and avoid the task at hand for as long as possible.

So one big thing: I quit my job at Old Navy! *phew* Instead, I am going to be making $12/hour babysitting 12 hours a week. 12X12=$144 a week. Kicks Old Navy's ass. This way, I will have FREE weekends and less stress :-D. Yay. OHH And I'll also have a precious little baby in my life! AND his name is Alex. Good omen? Maybe.

Speaking of Alexs, I am VERY happy with mine lately. He really couldn't be more perfect! As of yesterday, we've been together for 2 years and 10 months...which means we're almost at the big 3. The amazing this is, we're still SO happy and still madly in love. I am, at least :-). Ahhhh Alex <333333.

Hmmmmm what else...........well i should probably go, actually, because I should dig into this pile of homework. Sadly. :(


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The Illusionist was *SUCH* a good movie. I reccommend it highly! I went into it with no expectations (that is not to say LOW, but I had no pre-bias whatsoever). But yeahh it was great, so SEE IT. Another one I really want to see is The Science of Sleep. So excited for it to come out.

Anyway...guess what?! Alex's birthday is in two days :) I'm so excited! I love my Alex. I love celebrating birthdays with him and Im thrilled that I've gotten to spend this many with him. More to come, of course! :-D The only negative thing about his birthday is i get tempted to spend ALL of my money on him. It's soo hard not to! I want to get him things that he'll love.

Soo Im back in schoolio again, of course. Here are my classes:
AP Environmental Science
AP Spanish Language
AP Statistics
AP US History and Government
AP Literature and Comp

Lots of APs, no? Well, lots of APs=lots of college credits! Hopefully, APs also will look amazing on college applications. Eek, that reminds me, I am applying to college VERRRYYY soon. YIPES. How very exciting and scary. I can't wait to be 18 and moved out and in college:-).

Anyway, I have to go because it's already 9:30 and I still have lotsa homeworks. :(

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I enjoy:

blonde jokes
yo mama jokes
dirty jokes
racist jokes
sexist jokes
childish jokes
fat jokes
long jokes that lack a punchline
chicken crossing the road jokes

young jefferey and 122

It's still summer. They days are still hot.

I guess I had a pretty full day today, actually. Well, last night I spent the night at Alexgirl's house. We swam last night, watched a movie, ate Unamas. Today, we met up with Ana, her sister, and her nephew and went bowling! I won, for the first time in forever, maybe. I bowled a 122.
There were bumpers.

I got home, toyed around with my new cell phone, then called up old Max for 'Max Wednesday.' We went to Borrone's, then met up with some of HIS friends, and had Cold Stone. Very yummy and all.

But then there was something I realized, and that was that when I'm in crowds, I get very lonely. I guess i just cant be myself without a little bit to drink, which is sad.
Anyway, now I'm all depressed. I just didnt KNOW these people. I cant socialize too well with people I dont know about, when they're in groups.

I also miss Alex. Part of that comes from the fact that I do now know when I am going to see him next. I miss him so much, and I should be happy that I'm this in love, but right now it's ust hurtful.

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Definitely time for an update. Right now, I'm in my room listening to Fred Astaire. I'm realllly hungry, all I had today was one of Alex's soft pretzels. Very yum! But not enough.

I think I'm going to bake today. Cookies or something. I'm going to the movies later to see An Inconvenient Truth with Alexgirl and Ana. I'm excited to see it, although I hear it is very depressing.

So I'm lately obsessed with staying away from saturated fat. Sat fats are the kind that kill you, eventually, although they are not as bad as TransFats.

Ok I'm going to go find some fuuud.
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